Last update: 11/08/2015

Culture G

Adserving Technical Specifications

For any creative not respecting the following specifications, please ask us before signing the campaign's Insertion Order. Culture G declines any responsabilities for any delay incurred due to not respecting these specifications.

Common specifications for all the ad formats

Flash creatives

HTML5 creatives

Ad Formats

  Max width Max height Max weight Default sound Max duration Max size with expand Comments
Leaderboard 728px 90px 60ko off  -  728x300  - 
Skyscrapper 160px 600px 60ko off  -  600x600  - 
MPU 300px 250px 60ko off  -  600x600  - 
Half Page 300px 600px 70ko off  -  600x600  - 
Large Banner / Masthead 970px 250px 100ko off - 970x600 -
Interstitial 750px 450px 100ko off 15s  -  Close button mandatory
The function getURL('javascript: pub_ist_hd()') must be integrated on the last frame of the animation and on the close button.
Overlay 500px 400px 100ko off 15s  - 
Video billboard preroll / postroll 600px 350px 2Mo (if hosted by Culture G) on 30s  -  Video format: .flv, .f4v, mp4 or VAST redirect
Footer 1000px 90px 100ko off - 1000x450 -



Videos are accepted on all ad formats. They have to be external to the creative in order not to slow down the page loading. They have to be served on "progressive download (Netstream) or from a streaming server. Hosting the video is the responsibility of the advertiser.


Skin templates can be downloaded here :